Coaching is both a science and an art

I believe in a truly holistic approach to health and fitness, appreciating there is more to life than meticulously counting calories or turning down social events to hit the gym.

My methods are based on behavioural science as well as nutrition and human biology; delivered in a compassionate, empathetic and supportive way.

I utilise the best bits from the corporate world, the fitness industry and the principles of psychology, giving an advantage over other coaches. I never address the symptom, but always the root cause which results in happy, engaged clients and ultimately sustainable, long term results!

I specialise in nutrition and exercise for both fat loss and sports performance - or even sometimes a combination of the two. However, there is much more to the story than just food and fitness; I also work with you to optimise daily habits, sleep, stress management and mindset, giving you the whole package to really change your life.