Personalised Exercise Training Plan

Personalised Exercise Training Plan


Do you need some structure to your training but not the ongoing support? A 6/8/12 week program may be a good place to start. 

6 week plan = £65

8 week plan = £80

12 week plan = £95

We start with a 15 minute consultation to understand goals, experience, equipment, and preferences. Following this, you will receive a personalised training plan which is all tracked through an app, including "how-to" videos, performance, and body composition tracking. Your program is completely individual and is tailored to you, your goals and ultimately what you enjoy.

At the end of the 6/8/12 weeks you can either pay a small fee to keep the programme forever, pay for a brand new one or let the programme expire - this is not a subscription. 

Macro and calorie goals are also included if required. 

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